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The Grave Doesn't Care How We Die

By Brother Howard Swann

I usually don't divulge personal information, but I hear about many black and brown people who won't get the Covid-19 vaccine because they are afraid of what it might do to them. That saddens me because it is black and brown people who are most affected by this deadly virus. In fact, three times as many black/brown people die from this virus than their white counterparts.


None of us are getting out of this world alive, and the grave doesn’t care how we die. It never stops wanting; it impatiently waits for its next body to swallow. That is why it is important  that we do all we can, for as long as we can, to avoid its insatiable appetite. We must take realistic measures to avoid the grave’s ominous bite.


Getting the Covid-19 vaccine is about as close as we may ever get to choosing how the grave will not swallow us. As for me, I have taken both doses of the Covid-19 vaccine. No problems. In fact, I take 8 different medications a day, with a combined 100 possible side effects, some are severe, but I take them anyway because the reward of living a longer and relatively healthy life is worth the risk.


In the meantime, I’ll keep praying that my family and I continue to do and be well.


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